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This bag still available??
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black out of stock...available blue and red...
[Comment] syaabdlah:feeds of user commentedNN18968H 秋冬新款韩版衬衣领时尚潮流拼接打底长袖女装T恤 上衣(单色黑色) (2018-03-02 13:10:11)5
Admin, baju ni attach dgn kain merah tu sekali ke? I mean, the collar? :)
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hi, yes collar itu bersambung dengan baju itu...
[Complaint] Jas0929:Quality issues (2018-02-07 10:03:38)
Morning, I received my order item by yesterday, but I found that item code: Y5560R (Red color sweater Slim long-sleeved shirt)has cracks in the left sleeve with holes. Please help to advice. Thanks.
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hi,sorry about the defect.. please contact us at whatsapp 012-7021238, so we can see the defect by send the picture of item..then we give discount for that defect...
[Comment] onlineboutique:feeds of user commentedY5407P 夏装韩版学院风流苏短袖t恤女学生宽松字母打底衫百搭半袖上衣服 (Pink) M (2018-02-05 16:30:21)5
color pink & blue bila ada stok lagi?bole pre order tak?
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maaf, no stock...kamu boleh pre order selepas raya cina 25/2/2018
[Comment] wendyning87:feeds of user commented#BW5418B 女士包包新款手提包斜挎包韩版单肩包时尚简约女包斜跨大包潮 (Blue) (2018-01-26 20:34:14)5
Kalau mau order biru macam mana berapa hari boleh dapat?
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kamu boleh refer link ini untuk buat order
bermula 25/1/2018 hingga 25/2/2018 kami close untuk preorder...selepas 25/2/2018 kamu boleh buat preorder dan email kami di
[Comment] wendyning87:feeds of user commented#BW5418B 女士包包新款手提包斜挎包韩版单肩包时尚简约女包斜跨大包潮 (Blue) (2018-01-25 16:01:44)5
Saya punya booking ada tak? Ada warna.merah tak? Skr order berapa hari dpt?
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kamu sudah buat order ke?sebab kami tidak jumpa apa-apa order dari kamu...untuk item bw5418 tiada warna merah..ready stock ada gold dan putih sahaja..
Ada lapik tak bahagian dalam dia sis?
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ya...ada lapik di bahagian dalam..
[Comment] Aisyahzakaria:feeds of user commented#Y5581H 风衣中长款女韩版春季学生2017百搭新款春秋宽松休闲薄款bf外套潮 (Black) M (2018-01-13 14:41:54)5
I already received this item very recommended wort it with a lower price and fast delivery thanks seller
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thank you for shopping with us and hope you like visit our website again :)
Admin, ni material woolen ye? :)
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yes, seperti cashmere wool...
1 order
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ok noted
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